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This site will deal with the subject of corruption in religion and politics.

Exposing slave mentality and the slave state in which we live.

The corporate United States of America is under control of the British Crown, corporation sole; and the corporate United States (the District of Criminals) is owned by the De Hertburn (Washington) family (supporters of William the Conquer), Dutch subjects of the British Crown.

Land taxes are paid annually to the British Crown and the Holy See. The CONstitution, or CON CON, subjugates its subjects to both of these corporation soles under Article VI. The lawful governing law of the United States of America is the Articles of Confederation, the law of a free Nation, and not that of slave state.

The corporate United States was established as the District of Criminals and its ten sub-districts on February 21, 1871; 16 Statutes at Large 419; and exactly fifty years later to the day, the Birth Certificate (of bastard children) scheme was created by CONgress, to enslave all who are born here, with intent to remove right of inheritance.

Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. -- George Orwell

On this site people will hear and read information that they most certainly do not want to hear, but are in need of hearing. Sad, even after seeing the facts most will still turn away in complete and total denial that they have believed lies all of their lives, and they will stake or bet their future on those lies. Americans seem to enjoy living in servitude. There is no hope for those, who still believe in Satan Clause (Albert Pike), Easter bunnies, tooth fairs, cupids (nymphs) guardian angels, fallen angels and other “cunningly devised fables” taught by public fool indoctrination system and state religion to enslave the minds of dumb sheople. Isaiah 65: 3, 11-12, LXX; Ezekiel chapter 8 – Abominations.

The history of the race, and each individual's experience, are thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal. ~ Mark Twain

These are some samples of my writings and related information.

Temples Of Baal

(11th Edition)

{a new Edition coming soon}

This article, Temples Of Baal, totally destroys most people's fairy tale beliefs in government, the just-US court system and state religion. What we have been taught to believe since childhood by the public fool system and state religion is just one big lie after another.

I was thrown into state prison three times, without due process of law or ever being tried or convicted of any crimes, in attempt to prevent me from publishing this booklet. However, upon my third release there was something called email. Within 30 days of my release, I started sending digital copies of this to everyone that I knew, who had an email address. My booklet circulated like wild fire, and I have been free ever since. The Black Robed Devil realized that he could no longer prevent the publication and circulation of this booklet, and on his 49th birthday, he exiled me from the State.

Back September 7, 2012, I was a guess on Judge Dale's (a fraud) ABI TalkShoe broadcast. My name has never appeared on his TalkShoe page, I am only referred to as a special guess. He changed his telephone number and email address, and has refused to speak with me since that broadcast. There were 179 people log into that broadcast and I received numerous questions from what seemed to be an intelligent and informed group of people, over fifty those people sent me emails requesting additional information. I was not aware until a year later that someone had recorded my two hour lecture that night and then posted it to YouTube, and entitled it The Temples Of Baal by Sir David-Andrew. This two hour video can also be downloaded here if YouTube blocks download or access. YouTube attempted to bury this recording by posting all sorts of nonsense, using the same or similar title. What is even more interesting, on YouTube there is a short video by Eustace Mullins (a great American hero) entitled Temples of The Cult of Baal. A worthwhile video for viewing.

Black Robed Devil

You need not wonder any longer why I have nothing but contempt for Masonic Black Robed Devils. The use or wearing of the Roman demonic practice dates back to Cestui Que Vie 1666, a law designed to give courts jurisdiction over missing persons, who were presumed dead. “If a live, and if dead, or lost at sea.” Basically court action are a form of probate dealing with dead bodies. These Roman Civil Law Courts of controversy cannot see or deal with the living, and under Babylonian (Jewish) Talmudic Law they view their victims as soulless cattle (live stock, spiritually dead).


{a new update is in the making}

Jerome was a damnable heretic, who grossly mistranslated what is known as the Fifth Latin Vulgate, and he wrote several heretical books; though, his most popular work was the Book of Enoch, which was subtitled as “The Rise And Fall Of His Satanic Majesty Lucifer.” The Jesuits attempted to pawn this book off as if it were the Book of Enoch mentioned in Scriptures, which the Vatican has hidden from public view in its archives for centuries. In the history of man, the doctrine of Lucifer the fallen angel was NEVER taught prior to the writing of Jerome's fair tale.

John Milton continued the propagation and promotion of this “cunningly devised fable” in his Paradise Lost. King James advanced the tradition by making it appear as if Scriptures taught such. However, ALL, let me repeat that, all of the great reformers taught against such damnable heresy. Yet, the majority of Christendumb and Islam believe this fable in one form or another. This is called SLAVE mentality, since slavery thrives on fear.

Corporate US

The United States is a corporation, whose board of directors and stock holders are kept a secret from the dumb sheople, who blindly accept its corporate structure as government, even though, it is obvious that those running government are gangsters and mobsters, who force their will upon the people.

Florida Republics

Florida state militia Handbook

In 1996, Republic of Texas, the Kingdom of Hawaii and the Florida Republics, all declared their independence and the leaders were quickly murdered by the Clintonistas or thrown into dungeons to silence them in hopes of ending these movements. For further information on these Nations see respective links at bottom of home page of http://militias.info On this website there are links to over 100 MILITIA UNIT websites from around the country.

The Florida Proclamation 1763

The Florida Proclamation abolished the right of allodial title in ALL of North America. George De Hertburn (Washington), self proclaimed Supreme Ruler of the United States, enforced this treaty in 1789 upon the people of the state of Franklin when he seized power by military force, sending troops into the state of Franklin. He arrested the rulers and threw them into prison; then he forced the people of Franklin to surrender their allodial titles at the barrel of a gun through military occupation. He then annexed the state of Franklin to the State of North Carolina as a bribe to encourage North Carolina to vote for ratification of the CON CON, which had not been ratified.

The CON CON (Constitution) itself declares that no state shall deprived of its rights or land without the consent of the people. The people of Franklin never gave their consent. But then, the people of the State of Canoy never gave their consent to Abraham Springstein (Lincoln) to abolish their State, either, and he then gave it to John D Rockefeller, Senior, for financing his communist war of aggression.

Canoy became West Virginia and the Rockefellers have ruled it ever since, controlling the oil and coal mining there; though, the Bushites and Al Gore own a large amount of the mining rights in West Virginia, as well. It should be noted that the Bushites and Rockefellers are double cousins and Al Gore and the Bushites are in partnership as the mining rights. Al Gore claims to be for green, however, mines, which he owns, are among the largest polluters in West Virginia. What a scam!

Stephen Ames

Stephen Ames continued the research on the United States being a British Crown slave State, documenting that land tax (rent) is collected and payed to the British Crown and the Holy See, both of which claim ownership to all of North America, as their divine right. See copy of Social Security Change Order and Papal Bull found on second page under this heading.

Dan Meador

Dan Meador died in November 2003, however, before he died he established a website called Law Research Registry and a list of several of the articles, which Dan wrote can be found on Family Guardian at this page. Though, I believe that Dan's most important work is a book called Institutionalized Tyranny, The Character and Color of Authority ; which is a must read for anyone, who is serious about studying law. I can assure the reader that bureaucRATS, attorners and banksters do not want you to read this book; it is a must read for a real eye opener as to the sad state of affairs in which United States has become.

Here are two more documents that should be of interest to those who are still taxpayers, though, legal beagles will find the information here to be most useful: Agents of a Foreign Government: A Bizarre Saga and the Memorandum, thereof. These documents were based in writings of Captain Bill Cooper (USN – Retired), who was shot in the back and murdered by the Gestapo while standing in his own drive in October 2001, for operating 101 FM, Howling Dogs, southwest, a micro-broadcast radio station.

I was operating 101 FM, Dalmatian Station, northeast, at that same time. I was raid fourteen days before Bill, however, when the Feds and Stupid Troopers came with their guns drawn they were met in the parking lot by two local public officials and a third was in the station with me. There was an exchange of words and when the Feds realized, who these people were they ordered the Troopers to put their guns away, since the Feds could not justify murdering public officials.

The Gestapo had been in a shot out with Steve Anderson in Kentucky fourteen days prior to the raid on my radio station. Steve was operating the only independent patriot short wave station in the country. Steven is still in prison. That raid, also, cost Colonel Charlie Puckett, his freedom and his life.

Jean Keating

For those, who still wish to be combatants in the Temples of Baal may I recommend the series of lectures by Jean Keating. The above link connects to PDF documents by Jean Keating, David Clarence and Jack Smith. Jean gives one of the best exposé as to means and methods of combating the dragon. Click here to download 17 hours of lectures. Personally I recommend challenging jurisdiction, but if you wish to be a combatant then Jean gives some good pointers and tools.

Edgar Steele

Edgar James Steele was a Prisoner of War; however, he was MURDERED by the present Communist Regime on September 4, 2014. May he rest in peace. He was innocent of the charges trumped up by the Federal Baby Incinerators (FBI). This was another case where the Federal Government lacked jurisdiction and where they hand picked and set an uninformed jury. Even though, the so-called victims in this case testified that they were not victimized by Edgar Steele, but were victimized by Federal Agents. The Federal Government sentences Edgar to 50 years in federal prison. If Edgar was guilty of the so-called bombing, it should have been a State matter of prosecution, and not Federal. The jury in Edgar's lynching was most certainly not a fully informed jury. Please click on the Edgar Steele link above for further details as what the government does not wish to you know, about lose of liberty.

People WAKE UP! The gestapo is MURDERING us one at time. Who will they murder next? Will it be my partner, Larry-Mikiel: Myers, or will be Dan: Peterson, Russell-Dean Landers, Richard: Clark, Richard: McLaren, Erwin Schiff or Paul-Mitchell: Modeleski. I can assure you that the bureaucrats in the District of Criminal want all of these gentlemen DEAD. As Edgar Steele, the bureaucrats consider these men to be a threat, because of the knowledge and skills that they possess. And now, bureaucrats have been caught plotting the assassination of Ambassador Leo Wanta. Former Governor Sundquist of Tennessee and former Senator Sheldon Songstad conspired with others to blackmail or extort 30 billion dollars from Lee Wanta and then they plotted to hire the Mafia to terminate him if he refused to pay. This plot came to light the day after the murder of Edgar Steele.

Framing Edgar Steele

The Murder of Edgar Steele

"…At what exact point then, should one resist the communists?" "How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family...?" "Or, if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. ….The police…. would have quickly suffered a shortage of officers …and notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt."

(The Gulag Archipelago) -Alexander Solzhenitsyn- Nobel Prize winner, 11 year survivor of the Soviet concentration camps.

This website is no longer on GOD Addy; and is outside of the United States. Godaddy unlawfully shutdown this website, Sir David Andrew dot com, the next day (September 9, 2014) after the above updated article on Edgar Steele was posted. I wonder why? Godaddy with willful, wanton and malicious intent unlawfully withheld the deposit of funds. They received United States Postal Money Order by Certified Mail # 7010 1870 0002 8169 8235 on August 29, 2014. they did not deposit the funds until September 5, 2014, and they did not credit the funds to our web host's account until September 18, 2014, shortly after this domain was removed from their server. GOD Abby committed FRAUD. Godaddy planned on seizing possession of this web domain on September 20, 2014, and then selling it for big bucks. I recommend that all good people to not do business with GOD (or was that GOG) Addy, which has been own by a group of New York City Zionist gangster banksters since 2011. A mass exodus would send them a really strong message. Folks, it is a very simple concept, why feed the beast? Information on my host is listed at bottom of this home page.


The Bush Crime Family and the Clintonistas

Drugs, Sex Slaves, Arms Deals, Slave labor, MK-Ultra and Iran-Contra. The Bushites and Clintonistas have promoted and been involved in all of the above for decades, and they murder all who dare to testify against them. For information on MK-Ultra, click and then scroll down until you come this heading.

"The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." -- H. L. Mencken

The Pro Se Litigant

Where and when the Pro Se Litigant movement began, and what the Clintonistas did to destroy the movement, murdering and imprisoning most of its leaders across the country. Over 1,500 were falsely imprisoned, and over a 100 members were murdered.

Pro Se Litigant Revisited 2014

This is an update that was published February 14, 2014. Susan Mokdad was murder by the Gestapo on Valentine's Day 2003. Larry Myers, a chief justice, of the Common Law Courts is still in prison; for those, who wish to write Larry, his mailing address may be found in the article. Larry is the last member of the Common Law Court in Tampa, who is still prison. Correction: I have been told that Susan died at Federal Correctional Facility for Women near Tallahassee, Florida, and not Coleman Prison. If anyone else, has information to as the Pro Se Litigant Movement, please share. I will be glad to make corrections, since I have published based on facts available to me. I am having a difficult time finding anyone, who is still alive that can help with the details.

The banksters have not given up yet, as to Emilio and Wilma Ippolito, who are 88 years and financially broke, living solely on Social Insecurity, since the banksters are attempting to steal what little the Ippolitos have left. The Ippolitos are in foreclosure and are facing eviction from their home on April 1, 2014. If anyone would like to help them please contact me.

Also, the Ippolitos have informed me that the Gestapo again over a year ago raid their home and stole most of their personal papers and effects. And, that the Black Robed Devils order Emilio to cease from writing or documenting events, least they will throw him back into prison. I see everywhere violations of First, Fourth and Fifth Articles in Amendment for the Constitution of the United States of America.

Basically, the BureaucRATS are attempting to force the Ippolitos into a nursing home where they can administer to the Ippolitos a happy pill or an over dose of morphine. The Black Robed Devils, winged monkeys and Banksters are not satisfied that they have broken the Ippolitos (lose of over three million dollars), they wish to take Toto, too!

Case Law 5th Ed

These are case law that everyone should know, if they wish to survive in this justUS corrupt corporate administrative system, posing as judiciary, who operate under Babylonian Talmudic Law.

Senate Report 94-204

PL 94-381

Since 1976, PL 94-381 is the ONLY means but which to receive judgment and execution, thereof, in Federal Courts. Execution of judgment cannot be obtained by jury trail. 28 USC § 2284.

LEO Immunity Waiver FORM

{Waiver forms for judges and prosecutors are found on Victor-Jacob's pages.}

Under Briscoe v LaHue ALL law enforces, officers of the court and expert witnesses can commit perjury with absolute immunity from prosecution when testifying to the benefit of the State, unless they sign this form.

Dismissal for Lack of Reliable Witness

If a law enforcer fails or refuses to sign the above waiver FORM, then he is an unreliable witness and should be dismissed.

Security Agreement (Bid Bond)

Surety Bond (Silver Bond)

UCC1 (Performance Bond)


There are some corrections that need to be made to the UCC1. It should be noted that UCC 10-104 no longer exists. This has been replaced by UCC 9-105 and 9-515. But then, too, what used to be UCC 1-207 is now UCC 1-308. These demoniacs continually change the numbers to make patriots look stupid. Section 4 of UCC1 has been revised since the writing of the above form, which form was actually written by a lawyer and recorded against herself. Before a UCC1 can be recorded a Security Agreement MUST be completed and notarized. The Surety Bond is supposed to keep oneself out of jail, but that depends on ones status and knowledge of law. Email me, requesting revision to Section 4.

These documents should all be completed long before ever being arrested. The Security Agreement is not open for public review and should be stored in a safe place within your personal files. The Surety Bond should be recorded in miscellaneous records in the office of County Clerk of Records. The UCC1 and Addendum should be filed with the Secretary of State in the State in which you live, in most States, however, in some States, it is filed elsewhere.


Hammond Town Justice Court, a classic marsupial [KANGAROO] court.

Audio and Documents. {I have not had the time to organize and post the rest of these documents.} The BRD in this Case claimed that he had jurisdiction to try this Case because I supposedly had a driver's license. I did not have one, it had expired, since I did not renew it. He also claimed that I owed him $500, well he has never bothered to bill me for his claim and it has been almost a year and half since this mockery of a trial back on September 20, 2012. When the BRD finished his so-called sentencing, he ordered the Clerk to throw into the waste basket all of the evidence that I had presented the Court. What? Yes, he did just that, and it was all on record; and I have the record. This BRD hold all court proceedings in judge's chambers. What a joke!

Star Chamber



This case was supposedly all over some poor dam beavers not being able to read some beaucRATS dam paperwork, and failing to buy a dam permit from Department of Environmental Conservation's dam agency, which resulted in four dam cases in two courts since 2002. The problem is that public fool eduction is so dam poor that these dam beavers never bothered to go to their dam indoctrination class to become dam good little slaves. These dam attorners hate free thinkers and dam builders, who do not pay them dam booty or dam tribute. Yep, I have caused these devils havoc for the past ten years, continually exposing their fraud, misrepresentation and deceit. Personally, I like beaver dams and thick that these dam attorners should go mind their own dam business and let me and my dam beavers live in peace. This case is educational and sometimes fun reading. It is hard to believe that attorners (winged monkeys) and law enforces (gestapo) are this dam greedy and dam STUPID! But then, they want Toto too!


Private Court


If you have interest in felon's Right to keep and bear arms here is some case law that may be of some help. There are also three sample forms for Waiver of Immunity: one each for LEOs, Attorners and Judges. This Case landed on Esquire Eric Holder's desk on Friday, March 4, 2011; he has never answered the counter-claim.

Victor was within ten hours of being released from county jail, when the chief federal public pretender, a pretty lady, who turned on all of her charms, paid Victor a visit. She told him if did not accept the deal she was offering him that the government was going to arrest his wife and place his three children in Child Perversion Custody.

Victor bought her threats and plead to lesser charge with time served and three years probation. Victor was exiled from New York and court ordered to return his home in Arizona. He lost his wife and children anyway, because they are still at Akwesasne.


There is enough information in this paperwork for someone, who is brave enough to take the government to task and set a precedence. Felon in possession of a firearms is a IRS tax law, and only applies to FFL Dealers, who have lost their licenses for some felonious act. After seven years pass and the former dealer's civil rights are restored, a former dealer can reply to renew his FFL Dealership. What? That is correct. What a scam, the Bat Fagots are running on the rest of their dumb subject sheople. See Judgment on Pleadings and Notice and Demand to Strike found under above heading, second page.

This felon tax law does not apply to non FFL Dealers.

By definition of law, firearms are machine guns, sawed off shotguns or rifles, zip guns, destructive devises and silencers. Shotguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers and derringers are not firearms by definition of law. However, these become such when a United States citizen signs Form 4473 under penalty of perjury falsely claiming these are firearms. You, the fourteen amendment citizen, subject, vassal or chattel, convert a lawful arm into a firearms when you commit perjury on this contract form. What a scam! Shotguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers and derringers are ARMS. When you signed Form 4473 you waived your right to keep and bear that arm and swore under penalty of perjury that you were 14th Amendment citizen. Do you ever read what you sign?

Almost all government forms now mandate that you claim to be a US citizen. On all voter registration formers, applicant swears to be a United State citizen (subject, slave). Subjects are voters, free men are electors, and there is a vast difference. Fifty years ago when one registered to vote there were two boxes from which to chose to place a check mark; one stated US citizen and the other US National. The same two boxes were still on Social Insecurity Forms until about ten years ago. The assassination of JFK was corp d'etat.


Rarahkwisere: Okwaho

Rarahkwisere is a headman (chief) of the Kanienkehaka Kianerehkowa Kanonsesne (Traditional Longhouse). He is corporation sole (trustee) and Hoyaneh for Akwesasne; and he is Ambassador of Saint Regis Indians and Lone Wolf Territory. Like Victor-Jacob, he is being persecuted by the United States for exercising his Right to Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness. He has been denied Right of speedy trial, Right of Defense, Right of Due Process, Right to Counsel of Choice, and was held as a POW by the United States for 325 days (since December 18, 2012) without trial, authority or jurisdiction. The US Attorner is attempting to make an example of him to make others to be good little slaves. On September 9, 2013, the Black Robed Devil order him to plea guilty or face remaining in prison for a very long time. Rarahkwisere was not guilty of charges the US government has brought against him and three other chiefs. See court documents that show the fraud being perpetrated by the US against a sovereign nation State in attempt to force the people, Kanienkehaka, of that State to submit to the rule of the US's communist regime.

Trial began October 31, 2013, and the prosecutor did a great job boring the jury to death with endless monotonous questioning. The Judge, realizing the prosecution was losing its case, released Ambassador Rarahkwisere from jail on November 8, 2013. It appears that Rarahkwisere was within 60 days of serving the sentence, if he would have been convicted. Headman (Chief) Laughing was hospitalized on Friday and there was a probability that this Case may have been declared a mistrial the second week of November. Things did not go well for the prosecutors, who did not prove their. If the case was declared a mistrial, the Case would have just simply gone away, since the Court does not wish to set a precedence in case law with this trial, and the “Rights of Indigenous People” in America is what is at stake. The United States was in danger of losing its death grip control over Onkwehonwe (Indian) Nations. “Free, free at last!”

The jury on December 15, 2013, returned a NOT GUILTY verdict, however, they were not allowed to pass judgment on the counter-claim or the right of sovereignty. Their verdict only dealt with the issue as to whether the chiefs were illegally operating a gambling casino. This most certainly was not a fully informed jury.


Congressman Lysander Spooner in 1867, wrote a book titled, “No Treason, The Constitution Of No Consequence”. He was one of the most out spoken lawyers of his day, who took stand against government enslavement of mankind. Mark Stevens (www.legalland.org) has taken time to convert this great work to audio book, making this great work available to those, who will to take time to learn truth. Mark reads the entire book in record time of approximately two and half hours.


NO TREASON (audio book)

No Treason (ebook)

John Harris gives us his perspective on what's going on within corporate government. He describes how we are economic slaves to debt dependent system, notably achieved through deception of birth certificate and creation of legal fiction known as your 'PERSON'. It is this PERSON that government then wields it's control upon. Although, John points out that this arrangement only works when we consent.

Unfortunately inaction is taken as consent, hence we have unwittingly surrendered our inalienable rights through identifying with the PERSON. Rights must be explicitly reserved up front or are assumed waived. {Folks, that is LAW, whether you like it or not. UCC 1-308; previously UCC 1-207}

Remember you are living beings endowed with Creator given rights, all you have to do is claim those Rights up front. John makes it clear that corporate government is merely Wonderland or Oz. If you claim to be an AMERICAN, a US citizen, then you have VOLUNTARILY placed yourself on the wrong side of the Looking Glass and you are no longer in Kansas, you have become a corporate SLAVE or subject, and are property of the State.

Pay close attention to John's references to law. Do you see that British law and American law are almost the same, but then Canadian, Australian and New Zealand, are as well. Remember the boast, “the sun never sets on the British Empire.”

This 54 minute video was filmed at The British Constitution Group Lawful Rebellion Conference in Stoke-on-Trent on 24th January 2009. John Harris' website is www.tpuc.org where other great speeches may be found.

It's Illusion or It's Illusion

If you are still in denial after watching John Harris show the evidence about government corporate FRAUD, then take time and watch what this lady, Doctor Shirley Moore from Los Angeles, has to say about incorporated courts, laundering of money and patting of black robbed devils' pockets. She shares the documentation with you; therefore you can see for yourself. After watching this, there is no excuse for being a dumb sheople, being lead to the Mad Hatter's tea party to be sheared or slaughtered. The American Just-US system is just one great big corporate SCAM! The fleecing of America.

Judges' SLUSH Funds, part 1

Judges' SLUSH Funds, part 2

Judges' SLUSH Funds, part 3

Here is a great article on origins of OATHS and JURISDICTION. This is fifteen pages of history that you most likely have never read before. Do you claim to be a free man. Here is a reality check to see if you truly are free. Most who claim to be free, are suffering from an illusion.

This is an excellent paper, however, the author is not known.


Please take time to listen to this six minute video or audio by a fine scholarly Oneida gentlemen from Wisconsin, Rod Taylor, who sums up the state of slavery, as it is today in the United States.

You Are A Slave To The Government - video

You Are A Slave To The Government – audio

Then, too, look at what a Jew had to say in amazement about this man comments. Pay close attention, his remarks are measured in seconds, but then so isn't life.

Referencing You Are A Slave

Josie The Outlaw does a really fine job explaining your enslavement by government, and how government controls your life. She even gives some suggestions in how to overcome your enslavement. The video is about four minutes and is well worth the time to watch. Josie has even more short videos on government enslavement and how to deal with such posted on her website. Please take the time to watch each of these.

Who Owns You


Federal Reserve Bank

and its demonic Zionist Talmudic Religion in your face.

And you still wish to call yourselves Judea-Christians (an oxymoron), since there is no other religion in the world that is more anti-Christian then Orthodox Talmudic Judaism. They laugh at you, in your face, and offer up thousands of children every year as blood sacrifices, while stealing our wealth and homes, and destroy our natural resources. To them, it is just business.

Here are some great books and information on:

Masonry, the Illuminati and Satan Clause


MSG, Chlorine and Fluoride are deadly poisons, which cause cancer, diabetes, and a long list of mental illnesses. Maltodextrin, Canola, Citric acid and Dextrose are more of Monsanto's GMO poisons made just for you. Citric acid in liquid form is four times more deadly the MSG. And it is a safe bet that anything containing citric acid will also contain baby body parts add to enhance favor, so some manufactures now claim. If you have ever wondered why manufactures place “favor” or “favoring” as a list of ingredients, now you know. Doctor A True Ott's book Secret Assassins In Food can be purchase from Mother Earth Minerals. Reading this book could save your life from poisoning. Dr. Russell Blaylock's one hour lecture on Excitotoxins - The Taste That Kills maybe downloaded from Youtube. If you still think these poison are safe to eat watch GMO Food — It's Worse Than We Thought - Dr. Russell Blaylock or maybe this will convince you, Vaccines & Immunoexcitotoxicity - Dr. Russell Blaylock; these two lectures are about one hour each. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you shall surely die from Monsanto poisoning.

More coming soon.

The last opportunity to escape and survive the coming collapse. Covenant communities are what can be termed, peaceful anarchy; and if established properly under the umbrella of a corporation sole, they can become sustainable communities or free STATES, cloaked with sovereign immunity not subject to big brother, the Royal Families of Europe or the so-called Holy See.

As for Druryville Parish, (a Church parish) the covenant community in which I live, there is no king, but King Yahshua Messiah, and the rule of law is the Great Law of Love and its 679 Statutes of Liberty; and not the millions of code and statutes of the gangster run and operated United States or State of New York, or some other man's law. Their authority ends at our border. Lone Wolf Territory is a sovereign state (Corporation Sole) that is in the process of establishing covenant communities for Onkwehonwe (misnomer, Indians), if they are willing to awake from their nanny state condition and become a free people once again.


"If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable."

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


What are these strange looking devises on power lines?


Power company claims these are warning devises that flash when there is line failure. However, the locations where some of these devises are located make no sense, and one such globe has a bull's eye circle on it that points at door of a business owned by Mennonite. Also, cell phones seem to fail to function when near these devices. Is it possible that these are cameras or data collect devices?

I have listed two hundred not well known sites, which I recommend for further research. Please take to time to browse through this list. You will be amazed at what you will find. There is even sites listed where you can find homeopathic and herbal medicine, and free books, Bibles and software, even herbal medicine for your pets and live stock. For further research please click on the button below.


"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." -- Henry David Thoreau

The history of the race, and each individual's experience,
are thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.
Mark Twain

Thomas Paine (1737-1809) stated,

When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,

he will ether quit being mistaken or cease to be honest!





The President of Precise Solutions, Walter Chek is offering new software for those, who have interest in mathematics or engineering. Precise Solutions has developed and produced a Fraction Calculator, which produces an answer in both fraction and decimal. There is a Brochure, which is linked to this website, that gives detail as to how this Windows based Fraction Calculator works and details on how to receive your copy of this software. Precise Solutions has offered to support this website in exchange for posting this advertisement. Also, Precise Solutions has offered make a donation to help support Camp Beaver if you mention that you saw the advertisement on this website. Druryville thanks anyone, who is willing to support or help development of its community and youth camp.


This website is in need of financial support. The information, found on this website is freely given to help, those who take the time to read or listen, set their minds, bodies and souls free of the control of the evil system, which is attempting to rule the whole world. Those, who donate twenty dollars or more, will receive a copy of Finding Gold With Sluicebox Sean as a gift of appreciation from Community Independent Assemblies and the training video's author. “Finding Gold With Sluicebox Sean” is a video functioning as an informational guide for hobbyists and serious gold prospectors. It compliments the author's book “Finding Gold In Washington State: 2005-6 Edition”, which is for sale at www.Amazon.com.

We appreciate any donations offered. Thank you. See below for mailing instructions.

Please send cash or blank US Postal or Western Union Money Order to mailing location at bottom of this page.


The host of this sight provides web hosting for $50 per year per hosted domain or $90 per year for two domains or websites. The CIA [Community Independent Assemblies, 26 USC 508(c)(1)(A), tax immune] offers one email address with each hosting and 250 gigabytes of data space. Ask about additional needs. The server OS is secure Linux based OS and email boxes are based outside of the United States beyond the daily prying eyes and interference of NSA, HLS, FBI and the Masad. Community Independent Assemblies builds youth camps and sustainable intentional covenant communities in North America, a mission field ignored by most state religion churches. The funds received go to maintain this server and any additional proceeds go to providing and building facilities at campground or youth retreats. If you would like to help support this website or the CIA ministries please feel free to send cash or blank USPS or Western Union money order to:

Community Independent Assemblies

c/o RFD 489, South Hammond Road,


Lone Wolf Territory

[near 13646-4303]

In a note please state what reason the funds were give.

Also, please use the above address with exactness, it is a valid postal address.

Even though some brain dead fascist minded postal clerks will attempt to change it.

Be sure that the SLAVE ZONE NUMBER is correct or the United States Postal Service (David Rockefeller owner) has tendency to misdirect mail addressed as such or returns to sender. If the nine digit zip is present, the mail will normally be delivered.

If interested in this ministry, please contact cia@the-c-i-a.com Thank you!